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Your new born Baby Nursery

If a baby nursery is customary where you reside, your ability to follow this custom and provide your new child with a private nursery will depend on your financial situation and living arrangements.

In many nations, having a baby nursery or separate bedroom for a newborn is not standard practice. My children from my first marriage were raised in England, where a baby is taken home from the hospital and placed in a nursery or separate bedroom. Saffron, my little daughter, was born in the Philippines, where it is customary for infants to sleep with their parents.

Making the decision to place our newborn in her own nursery room vs keeping her in a crib in our bedroom or even in our bed can be challenging for new parents. There are opposing views on this decision, and when we decided to put Saffron in her own crib in her own nursery on the day she returned from the baby clinic, it drew quite a bit of comment and surprise here.

I was adamant that a separate room is best in the beginning since it will be best in the long run. A baby, then a child, will develop in accordance with their experiences and what they come to perceive as normal. The most crucial elements for a baby are:

They are well-fed, first;

They are maintained tidy.

3. They feel at ease;

4. They are comforted by the knowledge that their parents, particularly the mother, will be there when she awakens.

5. People adore them.

A newborn nursery that is separate from the parents’ room makes it simple to accomplish all of those goals.

Benefits Of Having A Separate Baby Nursery

A separate nursery for the infant has several significant benefits for both parents and the child. These consist of:

1. Parents’ arrivals and departures won’t disrupt the infant’s slumber. That will be crucial at night and in the evening as they get older.

2. The parents will have private space and alone time. As the weeks, months, and eventually years go by, this will be understood more and more.

3. Compared to parents who have a baby in their own bed, the parents will also sleep better.

4. The infant is more likely to develop into a confident child who is strong and independent. They will not be concerned about sleeping alone because this is what they have learned to expect as long as they are happy and secure. They are aware that their parents will be nearby when they awaken.

Cons of Having a Separate Baby Nursery

Given that the room is within hearing distance, I cannot come up with a single real drawback of having a separate nursery. Why should a newborn cry so loudly at birth when the mother is always by their side in the natural state? A baby cries so that the mother may hear it from afar. It’s okay if there is a nearby bedroom in that distance. If the infant cries and you enter through a door rather than immediately approaching her side, the child won’t be alarmed.

Some new parents worry that if they are asleep and the baby is in a different room, they won’t hear her cry. There is no need to be concerned; the mother in particular will be tuned in to the baby’s cry and will be oblivious to the smallest sound. When Saffron was born, my wife was worried about just this, so we left both Saffron’s and our bedroom doors open to give her peace of mind. As soon as she saw there was no danger of missing the baby’s cries, she decided to keep our door and Saffron’s door locked at night.

Always keep in mind that newborns cry to be heard, so there is very little possibility that you won’t hear the baby when she is hungry, wants to be changed, or has any other problem—unless you and your partner are both really heavy sleepers.

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