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The Best Facial Sauna

The toning effects of sauna and steam baths are one of its many advantages. They leave the skin soft, supple, and radiant – in a word, lovely. Regular sauna and steam bath users have a healthy glow that adds to their attractiveness.

The deep cleaning action induced by profuse sweat makes sauna and steam beneficial to the skin. The pores open wide, allowing all dirt to be rinsed away.

Full body saunas provide the highest benefits for skin toning, but facial sauna systems can give similar results for people searching for a quick fix to their complexion. These mini-saunas’ provide the same deep cleaning action as a giant sauna or steam bath.

How They Function

The bottom of a facial sauna contains an electric heating element. It raises the temperature of the water (kept in a tiny reservoir) to the boiling point, causing steam to rise. The reservoir’s small size ensures that moisture is created fast.

An ergonomically constructed mask is put over the reservoir to trap and route the steam to your face. The distance between the cover and your face allows you to decide how much moisture is exposed to your face.

Bringing your face into touch with the mask provides the most effective deep cleaning action, but only for a few moments at a time. Raise your head after about 10 seconds to allow colder air to interact with the steam. Rep to this cycle as many times as necessary.

Facial saunas are helpful not only for deep washing the skin but also for unclogging clogged sinuses. Anyone suffering from a common cold or a more severe illness such as bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma, or hay fever can use the facial sauna as an inhaler or vaporizer.

Some face saunas include an inhaler attachment. The inhaler attachment, rather than covering the entire face, fits over the nose and mouth. Inhale the steam to get virtually immediate relief from sinus pain.

Operating Suggestions

Most facial saunas contain a small reservoir to allow the water to heat up quickly. The negative is that the water evaporates quickly, so if you plan on using the sauna for an extended period, keep a tall glass of water nearby. When the reservoir runs dry, you may rapidly refill it.

Unfortunately, the limited reservoir implies that the facial sauna cannot be used as an overnight vaporizer. If your sinuses keep you awake at night, a classic vaporizer that produces steam for several hours would be preferable.

Steam is excellent for deep cleansing the skin, but for an added beauty treatment, you may add special cleaners to the water, such as tea tree oil. A few drops of this oil will brighten your skin and leave it feeling soft and silky.

Facial saunas are often inexpensive, costing less than $60. For this price, practically anybody can experience the deep cleaning action and the characteristic ‘glowing’ skin that distinguishes regular sauna users.

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