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Indian-origin store manager jailed for 28 months for UK lottery fraud

The accused confessed before the court to theft and fraud and was imprisoned on Friday for 28 months (Parliamentary)


A British court has sentenced an Indian-origin store manager who tried to cheat an elderly man out of his £1,30,000 lottery winnings to 28 months in prison.

Narendra Gill checks lottery numbers for 81-year-old Frank Goland at the store she runs in a shopping center in Leeds, northern England.

The Sun reported that Goland’s ticket had the required winning numbers but she lied to him and kept the ticket stub for herself.

Jill, a mother of two, pleaded guilty in court to theft and fraud and was jailed Friday at Leeds Crown Court for 28 months, with a judge telling her she was “incredibly cruel”.

“People who work in these places need to hear the message that you can’t abuse your position when it comes to dealing with millions of pounds. Trust is very important,” the judge said.

Camelot, the company that runs the EuroMillions lottery in the UK, became suspicious when Jill called it and heard it serving clients. The 51-year-old admitted that she worked for GT News at the White Rose shopping center in Leeds but said she got the ticket and did not know where to buy it.

Camelot alerted police, who recognized Gouland via CCTV footage, and found him and his wife Sue, 77, getting into their car.

“The whole thing was a shock,” Goland, a retired delivery man, was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

“I had no proof I won until I got this phone call. I couldn’t hear what the computer (police cop) was saying so I asked my son to handle the matter. He told the officer, ‘You must be joking, this is a scam. Anyway, It wasn’t, and I won.”

Gowland, wearing an earpiece, remembers giving Jill eight tickets to check.

She tells him that they are all losers and gives him the wrinkled tickets, not realizing that she changed them. The beaming father of two finally got his legitimate winnings in November of last year.

“It definitely helped make life more comfortable. I bought a new car, paid off all my debts and gave a good amount of money to my family. We have new carpets and we get a walk-in shower for my wife who has health issues.”

When approached by The Sun before judging her, Jill said, “Obviously, I wish I hadn’t. It was stupid.” The branch of the store she was working in has since closed.

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