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Family of 4 SOS from Ukraine

An Indian family in Kyiv sent a video message asking for help.

New Delhi:

A family of four sent a desperate plea from the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv that all Indians were supposed to be evacuated by Tuesday, saying they were unable to leave the city amid the escalating Russian offensive.

“We are a family of four. I am Dr. Rajkumar Santallani, my wife Mayuri Mohanandan, my daughter Gianna Raj Santalani and my son as you can see Partha Santalani, who has a fever and we cannot get him from Kyiv,” he said. in a video message.

He said, “Embassy staff called us several times but they could not locate us. They said they would send some transportation. But so far (we haven’t) got any transportation from them. Outside the shooting scene there.” .

“My neighbors have asked me to stay alert on the balcony as the pro-Russians come in. The Russians and the Ukrainians are fighting among themselves. There are bullets, sometimes small bombs. And they’re looting people,” Dr. Santallani said.

“My neighbor got ransacked today. Someone took his cell phone. We don’t have a heater here. It is very cold. My son has a fever. So we need to evacuate immediately if possible. Please help us if you can. Thank you. You.”

Today, Tuesday, sources said that the Indian embassy in Kyiv had suspended its operations and the ambassador and staff had left for the western part of the country, and the government claimed that there were no Indians left in the city.

After days of advising students and others to move to the western border, a process that was very difficult given the security situation, India on Tuesday issued an urgent call to leave the capital by all means on Tuesday.

The country said it will organize 26 flights over the next three days to bring back citizens who have moved from Ukraine to neighboring countries.

There were an estimated 20,000 Indians in Ukraine when the government issued its first advisory.

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