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Bhagwant Mann After Exit Polls Predict AAP Sweep

“I will still go amidst people and work with them, for them,” Bhagwant Mann told NDTV.


With all exit polls giving Aam Aadmi Party a clean sweep in Punjab, the party’s Chief Minister candidate Bhagwat Mann says that for him, “CM means common man”. Less than 24 hours before the counting of votes for the assembly elections, NDTV candidate spoke to the AAP Chief Minister.

Mr Mann said that politics will not “mess with his head” if he becomes Chief Minister. “Fame has always been part of my life,” he said.


For me, CM equals to Common Man and I will stay one if I am given that post.

I will still go amidst people and work with them, for them. I don’t think my politics will mess my head if I become Chief Minister. Nothing is new for me, fame has been part of my life.

We will make Punjab Punjab again. No need to make it to Paris, London, California. It was their (other parties) dreams, and they are losing. People want old Punjab back.

My Punjab is a Punjab of dreams. People’s mandate will be in front of you tomorrow.

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